Wow, I still can’t believe 2016 is almost over!

In a lot of ways, 2016 wasn’t a great year. Dealt with some health issues, had to move, politics were absolutely insane, felt like a I didn’t make a ton of progress in my business…

But in many ways it was amazing.

I’d like to share an exercise with you to review my (and your!) 2016. I hope you’ll think about these questions, too!

1. What are you most grateful for in 2016?

2016 brought me a new family 🙂 I married the love of my life in June, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Not only did I get an awesome husband, but I married into an amazing family as well. Here’s all of us (being silly, of course!) below:

I am most grateful for my husband, who is the most supportive, amazing person I have ever met. He pushes me to be better, comforts me when I’m feeling down, and is the best adventure-partner I could ever ask for.

We lost our cat this year, sadly, but we also brought home a new kitten! Meet Mugen, a complete and utter weirdo:

Speaking of people (and pets) in my life, I’m so grateful for you. Whether you’re a client or a reader or a lister, thank you for taking the time to consume the content that I put a lot of work into; I couldn’t be more thankful that you’re in my life!

I’m also grateful that I had to chance to do so much traveling this year! This is kind of hilarious to me, because my husband and I joked that in 2016 we wouldn’t travel since we were planning a wedding and that came with its own stress (and finances).

I spent time in California, Tokyo, Canada, and Budapest this year. Oops.

The incredible view at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, CA. Did my first big talks there this year and had a great experience! 


In Tokyo at the Miyazaki Museum. :D

In Tokyo at the Miyazaki Museum. 😀


Japan is beautiful :) So much so that we already want to go back next year!

Japan is beautiful 🙂 So much so that we already want to go back next year!


Caving in Budapest…such an amazing (and slightly terrifying) experience!

2. What was difficult this year?

Hmmmm… let’s see — feeling sick for almost half of the year, finding out we had mold in our apartment, finding a new apartment in NYC that didn’t cost more than we make in an entire year, moving, planning a wedding…agh!!

This year was kind of insane. Lots of stress, lots of change. Some good, of course, but some bad. I’m looking forward to settling down in 2017 for sure!

3. What are you most proud of this year?

I have been planning to create an online gut health course for…years. Seriously. And I’ve always put it off (because…you know…stuff!! Just kidding, I had no excuse…). But seeing 2016 come to a close pushed me to actually start the damn thing.

I’m now about a third of the way through the content creation process, and wow, it feels good. Writing all of it out has made me realize how much I’ve learned working with clients, and how making an affordable way to learn this stuff without having to work one-on-one with a practitioner is going to help a lot of people.

And honestly, I really love the group learning format. There’s this sense of excitement and possibility that groups thrive on and I really feel like it makes the experience better.

If you want to get on the program waiting list, I’d love for you to sign up to do that here.

I’m also super proud of Laura and I for being consistent with The Ancestral RDs podcast. Do you guys know how much work goes into a consistent content production schedule? So much! We don’t get paid for it, of course, so it can sometimes feel like we’re doing it for nothing. But then you guys comment and email us and tell us how helpful it is to you, and we feel like a million bucks.

But still, it’s hard to put out content every. single. week. But we did it. And I’m super proud of that.

Check out the podcast here if you haven’t already!

And speaking of consistency, and probably the thing I’m most proud of myself for this year: powerlifting.

For almost the first half of this year, I was having some fairly major health issues. I had mold exposure and was not feeling well because of it, and exercise was kind of out the window. Some days just doing normal activities felt like a lot.

But by about April I was feeling a lot better. I had gotten out of my moldy apartment and wanted to start doing some exercise. And I really wanted to build some strength. So I started powerlifting!

I was in Massachusetts at the time, so I started lifting at a gym there. Then when I came back to NYC, I found an awesome gym (and an even more amazing coach) at JDI Barbell in June.

Since then, I’ve been going 3-4 times a week consistently. By the time January 1st rolls around, that is 6 months of consistent effort in the gym. For me that’s pretty amazing. I’m one of those people that likes to switch it up a lot because I get bored easily. But there’s something about always progressing in powerlifting that is really appealing to me, and I think it’s the reason why I’ve been able to stick with it for so long! Not to mention that I feel SO much stronger.

Now I’ll be honest: I am really not good at lifting. I can’t squat my bodyweight yet (because my quads apparently have been off-duty for the last 27 years and are just now getting around to working…) and my bench press and deadlift certainly aren’t impressive.

Weirdly enough, that’s actually one of the reasons I’m most proud of my lifting efforts. When I suck at something, I usually want to quit. Who likes to be the worst at something? My gym is full of really amazing weightlifters and powerlifters, and here I am over here struggling to squat something they’d warm up with.

But through lifting, I learned that it doesn’t freaking matter. What matters is that I’m getting stronger, I’m enjoying it, and my body is thanking me for doing it. I am awesome.

4. What are you most looking forward to next year?

Next year I hope to be able to put a lot of effort into growing my business. My new gut course will launch, we’ll re-release Paleo Rehab a couple times, I want to get better at content production (blog posts included!), I want to post more on social media for you guys…the list goes on.

I feel like I’m at a really exciting time with my business now that I feel like I have energy and time to focus on it. Like I said earlier, this year has been absolutely insane with moving and getting married, and I cannot wait to just relax in 2017. I feel like getting those things out of the way has left a lot of mind space for me to think more about how I want my future to look.

Writing all that out makes me realize how truly incredible 2016 was, despite a lot of craziness. I hope you’ll take the time to answer the same questions I have and reflect on your year before we jump into the next one.

I’m always surprised at how quickly a year goes by, and I think it’s important to think about all that you’ve accomplished, all that your grateful for, and how you can make next year even better.

Happy holidays to all of you. Know that I am wishing you health and happiness in the New Year.

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