PODCAST: Choosing a Prebiotic and Grains Recommended During Pregnancy

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Here’s what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode:

  1. My question is on prebiotics and soluble fiber. I often hear Acacia fiber recommended for gut health as it can feed good bacteria. But doesnt this also feed bad bacteria too? I have noticed prebiotics being sold in the store but I just dont get how it can help if its also promoting bad bacteria growth. I thought any kind of soluble fibre/prebiotic will help both the good and bad. And if we have Bad bacteria overgrowth, don’t we want to reduce it by starving them off?
  2. I have problems with grains, and have been doing well on the GAPS diet. However, I’m also pregnant, and most recommendations for pregnant women include several servings of grains. Should I avoid or include grains during pregnancy?

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