Are you struggling with digestive issues, fatigue, or hormonal problems and want some help coming up with a game plan to get you to better health?

I’ve spoken to many of you over the last few months and while some of you have been ready to jump right into my Build Your Biome 1-on-1 program, some of you have told me that you just can’t commit to it (whether for financial reasons or time issues).

I hear ya.

And what I’ve heard in some of my conversations with you all is that you just need someone to take a look at your case and give you some guidance to get started.

Well -- I’ve got good news for you if this is something you’ve wanted.

I’m opening up a limited number of spaces for Case Review appointments.

I haven’t offered Case Review appointments as a standalone service in years at this point, but again, I hear what you guys are asking for these days and I want to help.

Here's how the Case Review works:

You’ll fill out my detailed New Client Intake Form -- tell me about your health history, any testing you’ve had done, the symptoms you’re experiencing, and more. Essentially, I want to have a pretty good idea of what’s going on before we even hop on a call together.

We’ll have a 60-minute call to go over your case and I’ll offer my insights into:

Dietary Recommendations -- Are you undereating? Overeating? Does your macronutrient ratio look good for the type of activity you’re doing? Are you eating foods that might be contributing to some of your symptoms? Or are you over-restricting your dietary choices when you don’t really need to?

Lab Test Review -- Feel free to submit any lab tests you’ve had in the last year and I’ll go over them (note that if you have pages and pages of lab tests that I need to review, we may need a longer Case Review. Please contact me if this is the case for you).

Supplement Recommendations -- Based off of your symptoms and lab tests, I’ll recommend a supplement regimen to help you accomplish your goals.

Lab Test Recommendations -- If I feel some further lab testing might benefit you to determine exactly what the root causes of your issues are, I’ll recommend doing some additional testing. Depending on what you need, you may be able to order through me. I offer DUTCH testing, GI-MAP testing, SIBO testing, and more.

Overall Course of Action -- I’ll highlight the areas you really need to focus on in your lifestyle, including exercise, sleep, stress management, and more to get you to where you want to go.

By the end of this call, you’ll know exactly what you should be focusing on and have a game plan in place to get you closer to your goals

Who is the Case Review for?

My expertise lies in the areas of:

Digestive Health

Do you suffer from bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, reflux or other digestive problems? Do you have SIBO or dysbiosis (or think you have it but not sure)? You’re a perfect fit for the work I do. This is main main area of expertise and I can guide you to figuring out exactly what’s causing your digestive problems and get rid of it. I am an expert in crafting antimicrobial protocols to balance the microbiome.

Fatigue, Brain Fog, Cognition

I have spent a lot of my career working in these areas and can help you determine the cause of these issues as well as a dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle protocol to help reverse them. These issues often go hand-in-hand with microbial imbalance in the gut (even if you don’t have digestive issues).

Sex Hormone Issues

I can help women who have lost their period, have irregular periods, have PCOS, or are having trouble with their fertility. Much like the other areas I specialize in, these issues are resolved with the right course of action from a dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle perspective. Hormonal issues also tend to go hand-in-hand with both fatigue and microbial imbalance in the gut.

Sign Up for Your 60-minute Case Review

Investment: $347

If you’re in my wheelhouse and need some help, I’d love to help you on your journey to health. Please know that these appointments are limited, so click the button below to schedule yours as soon as possible to snag a spot.