Are you ready to get your gut bugs in good shape?


Here’s the challenge: 1 serving of fermented foods every day for 14 days. 


Trust me, I know it can be hard to get in the habit of eating fermented foods. You might know that they’re great for you and that you should be eating them – but you just don’t do it. I think adding a fermented food a day is an easy change that could improve pretty much everyone’s health, but the fact is so many of us don’t do it on a regular basis (I’m guilty here, too!).

Our gut bacteria are the foundation of our health, and it’s our job to nourish them. From weight loss to eczema, fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue, fermented foods can help just about any health condition. It’s time to start eating them!  Join me in the Fermented for 14 Challenge to give those gut bugs some lovin’.

You can buy your fermented foods for the challenge or make your own (don’t worry, I’ve got recipes for you!). Or, buy some and make some – it all counts! What really matters is that your gut is getting fermented foods every day of the challenge.

When you sign up, you’ll get my Eat The Good Bugs eBook, complete with four easy fermented food recipes using simple ingredients from your local grocery store (lemon-ginger soda, pickles, yogurt, and kimchi – check out the picture above!) You’ll also get a list of my favorite brands you can buy at the store or online.

During the 14 day challenge, you’ll receive emails that include a weekly meal plan with ideas about how to eat your fermented food every day. The meal plan will have 1 meal every day that is made with one of the fermented foods from my eBook (plus other meal ideas for fermented foods not in my eBook!). I’ll make it easy for you to get your serving a day by giving you delicious food combinations that you will love. Can’t wait to have you join!


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