Paleo Food Shopping at Costco

DSC_0146Let’s face it – the paleo diet can be expensive. Though of course I prioritize food in my life, I can’t always buy grassfed meats and other big ticket paleo items. As a graduate student with a growing business, I’m on a budget and I’m sure many of you are too! I recently decided to check out my local Costco to see what they offered as I’ve heard that they carry some great paleo-friendly items. Here’s what I found:

1. Organic ground beef – not grassfed as far as I can tell, but better than conventional

2. Amylu Andouille Chicken Sausage or Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Sausage – no bad ingredients, and really yummy! Of course not pastured or organic chicken, but pretty good.

3. LOTS of lamb – they had lamb roasts, ribs, and lamb osso bucco (which I tried and loved!). From New Zealand. They also had whole lambs in the freezer section for 3.39/lb. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with it, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

4. Wild-caught fish – they definitely had salmon and cod, can’t remember now if there were others!

5. Kerrygold Dubliner cheese – they didn’t have butter which I was bummed about, but they did have a giant block of cheese that will probably last me forever.

6. Nuts! – lots of them, and good prices. I bought the almonds though, and they tasted old. But I also bought a bag of trail mix with dried fruit (yeah, okay it had some sugar in it. I’m not a perfectionist) and the nuts in that tasted great. Probably hit or miss. They also have macadamias, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, pecans, the list goes on….

7. Produce – I bought a giant container of strawberries, but they went bad in 1 day. Bummer. But they have big bags of broccoli, spring salad mix, and lots of other veggies that are great. I also bought a container of Asian pears (my favorite!!!) that were very good and priced amazingly well (I don’t know why Asian pears are ALWAYS so expensive!)

8. Frozen foods – lots of frozen fruits (great for smoothies if you do those!), and frozen vegetable mixes (with no weird sauces or anything YAY!). I didn’t buy any when I went because I didn’t need them at the time, so I’ll have to see how the quality is later.

9. Duck – YEAH, DUCK! I love duck. It’s delicious.

10. Organic eggs – they’re not pastured of course, but probably better than the conventional alternative.

11. Maple syrup – I make sourdough buckwheat pancakes a lot, and love maple syrup on them. I also like to use maple syrup if I do the occasional baked good too.

12. Organic canned tomato products – tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce. Lots of options here and great prices, especially for organic.

13. Roasted seaweed – didn’t buy some this time because I already have some from a local Asian market, but it looked pretty good. Really yummy with fresh white rice or to make sushi with!

14. Almond butter – I never buy this because it’s just too expensive and I don’t eat all that much of it. But I like to eat a banana before going to yoga in the morning and I think it might be even better to eat it with some almond butter!

They also had organic extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan salt, Epsom salts, and more! They really had a lot of items that would fit into your paleo template, but I didn’t write them all down.

Those are some of the great finds at my local Costco!  Your mileage may vary (as all Costco’s don’t carry the same items) but I think most should have good luck finding some staples there. If you’re struggling to fit a paleo diet into your budget, Costco can definitely help fill in the gaps. Of course it’s not the best when it comes to food quality, but I think it’s definitely a good option and I will be keeping my membership there for the time being.

What does your local Costco carry?

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