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Build Your Biome DIY is an 8-week program that focuses solely on building a healthy digestive system (no hormones).

The program is self-paced, meaning you get access to a new set of videos each week but you can take as much time with each module as you'd like. 

There is no access to a coach as there is in the 1-on-1 version, nor personal guidance on your test results.

This program does not go over DUTCH testing (adrenal and sex hormone), which the 1-on-1 program does. If you need guidance there, the 1-on-1 is a better fit.

Testing is not required for this program but highly recommended for best results.


Plus additional optional lab fees, should you choose to do testing. SIBO ($200), GI-MAP ($350)

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Watch the video overview below.

‚ÄčBuild Your Biome 1-on-1 is a 12-week program that focuses on digestive and hormonal balance.

We will meet with for a 60-minute Case Review call and I will create a Customized Meal Template for you as well as a personalized Supplement Protocol.

You will also meet with me to go over your test results when they are back.

You will gain access to a new set of videos each week and for best results, you should keep up with the pace of the program.

Testing is REQUIRED for this program and includes SIBO, stool, and adrenal and sex hormone testing.

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Plus additional $850 laboratory fee. If you have done some of the required testing, some of this lab fee may be waived.

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I'm pretty much back to normal function...

Kelsey helped me get to the bottom of my digestive issues and walked me through testing to understand what was really going on with my symptoms (SIBO) and then through a protocol to address my symptoms. She also helped me figure out a supplementation regime that has helped me get my energy levels back to normal. 

Since working with Kelsey my digestive symptoms have significantly improved to a point where I'm pretty much back to normal function and my symptoms are continuing to improve with time. My fatigue is so much better than it was -- I feel like a functioning human being again.


My bloating has immensely improved.

Before working with Kelsey I would feel bloated throughout the day and had very low energy. I also was suffering from hair loss, skin issues and amenorrhea. 

Since working with Kelsey my bloating has immensely improved. I also got my period after not having a menstrual cycle for 13 months! I now have more energy and my hair has started to grow back.


I am not having abdominal pain which is a miracle...

I have been blessed to have Kelsey work with me on my health issues. I am 47 years old and have had health problems all of my life. My digestive issues are severe. 

She has helped me figure out what is wrong and is giving me direction with what to do. I have seen many doctors, therapists, and a nutritionist in the past and none have been able to help me with my digestive disorders. I am thankful that Kelsey has been able to do that. At this point, I am not having abdominal pain which is a miracle, and I'm feeling better overall. Kelsey is great at figuring out the cause of each symptom.


My symptoms have markedly decreased...

After dealing with IBS and severe GERD for years and at times reaching levels of severe despair, I now have hope. 

After working with Kelsey for 4 weeks, my symptoms have markedly decreased and I have an organized plan on what to eat and when to try new things. I feel this has been an answer to my prayers.


My work with her was invaluable...

I have post-infectious IBS with serious food sensitivities, lots of GI symptoms, and trouble regulating my glucose levels. I tried a lot of western and alternative therapies and have ended up stuck time after time with an incredibly limited diet. 

Kelsey was highly knowledgeable about what was happening in my body, how to begin to reintroduce foods into my diet, and navigating the vast world of supplements. I loved working with Kelsey for her collaborative approach. She genuinely respected my knowledge of my own body, experiences, and fears. She was compassionate, optimistic, supportive, and helped me to stay on track to meet my goals. 

Although the road was bumpy, my work with her was invaluable for broadening my perspective, gaining knowledge of how to work with my body where it is while pushing myself bit by bit to move forward, and to be patient.


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